Fashionable men’s vest 2018

Image result for waistcoat men Landscape StyleA waistcoat is a subject of a man’s wardrobe, which often remains unclaimed, which is absolutely undeserved. Although often a waistcoat carries no functional load, it can significantly affect the image of a man; add a note of formalities or negligence, depending on the style and mood chosen.

Things to know about Classic Waistcoats

The most common type is a classic waistcoat, which is included in a set of three-piece suits. He refers to a strict business style, symbolizes elegance, aristocracy. Sew a suit vest made of two kinds of material. The front shelves are made of the same fabric as the jacket, the back from the lining fabric. This excludes the complications that might arise when combining a classic waistcoat with other clothes. The best option is a combination of a vest with a suit and a shirt in a classic style.

A waistcoat can be worn without a jacket. In this case, so as not to give the impression, as if the man forgot to put on a jacket, the color of the waistcoat should be different from the color of the trousers.

A classic waistcoat, matched to the size, should fit tightly the figure of a man. To do this, the backrest has a strap that adjusts its width. Also, the waistcoat should cover the belt of trousers from the front and back, the shirt should not be visible from under the waistcoat. The classic vest does not have a collar, while it covers the shoulders, rising slightly above the lapels of the jacket. Has a shallow neckline.

The color scheme of classic waistcoat for men is very poor. It includes black, gray, dark blue color. Occasionally, there are models sewn from fabric to strip, into a cage or with Arabian patterns.

As for ties, for a strict official reception, a butterfly is suitable for a waistcoat, for a business meeting – a thin classic tie. Models and those who prefer non-ordinary images can add a waistcoat with a neck scarf. If you pick this accessory correctly, it will add to the man of aristocracy. You can find best waistcoats in

Models of Classic Waistcoat

In the line of classic men’s Waistcoat, the formal vest model in the style of black tie stands apart. A Waistcoat in this style is customarily worn for special occasions only when paired with a jacket or tuxedo. Often he has an unusual cut. Instead of an integral back, there is only a fixing strip behind. The front part of the vest in the style of black tie is rather short, the neckline is deep.

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