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Halo hair extension and clip-in hair weave

Halo hair extension and clip-in weave are the two most popular kind of extensions. Which is the best? It depends on personal preference and needs. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of each extension before buying.

Halo hair extension and clip-in hair weave

Similarities are more than the differences between both extensions


You just need one weft piece of halo hair extensions in USA, which sits under your own hair like a halo with invisible adjustable thread and takes just five minutes to put on. If you choose clip-in 8 to 12 separate weft pieces will be needed, which has a silicone strip at the base of snap metal clips to pin it to your hair.


The weight of both kinds of extensions ranges from 100 – 240 [small] to 280 and up [large]. Both kinds can get heavy if worn for a long time.

Style ability

Halo hair extensions are limited to hairdos. As the weft does not have clips pulling the hair up is not possible. The weft can be slid over to one side for side ponytails or braids. Clip-in hair is flexible for styling. Up or down hairdos can be created, different length and colors can be added.


Clip-in extensions, if clipped or halo hair weft, if applied too high without sufficient hair to cover, will be noticed.


Both look natural and offer you instant hair.

Thus, you have to decide which one will look best for your unique style.

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