Learn what Piezoelectric Ceramics is and How it Works?

Piezoelectric ceramics are being used for over three decades. Some of them are manufactured for specific applications. These are used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice-versa.

Piezoelectric materials expand and also contract when a voltage is passed through them, and when the material is put under pressure, it generates a voltage. Ceramics are made of fine crystals, and they contain positive and negative electrical charge. You can also learn about how piezoelectric ceramics is prepared and where are the different ways it is used for the betterment of the world.

How are Piezoelectric Ceramics Prepared?

Piezoelectric ceramics are prepared using an external electric field. During the process, the ferroelectric domains are oriented so that they form polarization. Materials that are made of piezoelectric ceramics are pressed by powder like masses or any cast that is made of plastic masses.

The Piezoelectric ceramics are fired at a high temperature of 1200-1350 degree Celsius. After that, the piezoelectric ceramics are subjected to chemical precipitation of constituents so that its characteristics can be stabilized.

Uses of Piezoelectric ceramics

Piezoelectric ceramics have diverse applications in different industries. They are used in the automotive industry to keep passengers safe and to ensure engine system is perfect such as in backup sensors, knock sensors, gyroscopes, power generation for tire pressure sensors and others.

It is also used in medical diagnostics equipment in ultrasonic transmitters and receivers, surgical knives, ultrasonic nebulizers for inhalers and others. Piezoelectric ceramics are also used in musical instruments such as guitars and other household products such as burglar alarms and cosmetic equipment too.

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