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The easiest way to start safe mode in Windows 10

Among the many surprises that brought Windows 10 with respect to its predecessor are the modalities for booting the safe mode on the computer. This has generated many unknowns among users who want their computer to work under this mode to detect any type of error or basic configuration problem and fix it if necessary.

There are several ways to start a Windows 10 safe mode. However, one of the simplest and most used is to simply press at the same time the keys of the command for the Run mode, which are basically the start key of Windows in conjunction with the R key.

You will have to type msconfig.exe inside the field as soon as a new window appeared on the screen.  This will immediately activate the system configuration you are requesting.

As soon as the window is opened, you can simply select the Windows 10 safe mode of your choice. This is also possible to do quickly using Cortana; you just need to indicate in the search engine the “system configuration” words and it will immediately open a menu.

There you must select safe boot. The computer will immediately know that once it is restarted it will activate the safe mode menu of the computer.

This mode does not have to affect your files. As long as you have saved it properly, they do not run any risk of getting lost in the process. For More Information About Windows 10 safe mode, Please Check Provided Link.

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